Volunteer Hallway Restoration Clean

Hallyway Restoration – Call the Cleaners!

Saturday 13 May 2pm

We need a team of volunteers to help us clean the heritage wall tiles and mosaic floors in the entrance hallway in time for our re-opening.

Currently the library is closed whilst being redecorated.  As you may know, we want to improve the hallway, make it more welcoming and emphasise its heritage features.  It would be great if the hallway redecoration and decluttering could be accompanied by a restoration clean, something that is out of scope (or quality!) of the building contractor and the regular cleaning contractor.  The heritage wall tiles in the hallway have years of sticky tape, old paint dots and grime that would be great to remove, and the beautiful mosaic floor could do with a good old fashioned scrub Cinderella style.  It all needs to be done using the right cleaning products and non-abrasive tools, so we have arranged for a professional conservationist to advise the right equipment and technique.  Something that would take hours from one individual could be done as group work and will be much more fun and rewarding. And the final result will be deeply satisfying.

If the idea of cleaning away grime from 1958 appeals and you are able to donate a couple of hours at 2pm in the library on Saturday the 13th May then let us know or email info@carnegiecommunitytrust.org.uk with subject “Volunteer hallway restoration clean”.   Mention it to your friends – kettle will be on and there will be unlimited biscuits!