Holistic Birth Preparation

Movement, relaxation and peer support for self-trust in pregnancy and birth

Tamsyn is a midwife and an antenatal teacher with yoga and hypnobirthing qualifications who loves creating supportive spaces for women and couples as they navigate their pregnancy and birth through movement, breathing and relaxation.
These new classes at Carnegie Library Hub are all about respecting the body’s intelligence and its interconnection with mind and spirit.  There will be time to cultivate the self-trust that enables a smooth transition through pregnancy, birth and parenthood and build community along the way.
Pregnant and birth experiences can be complex and diverse. All are very welcome regardless of how far along in the pregnancy and whether you expecting a first baby or already have children. Partners are also invited to the last Monday of each month.

For more information or to contact tamsyn.midwife@gmail.com please visit movementforbirth.com