Highly Commended 2023 Herne Hill Society Excellence Award

We are proud and happy to have been nominated in the Heritage category and to receive Highly Commended in the 2023 Excellence Award from Herne Hill Society at their inaugural ceremony.

The categories were:
Environment (awarded to Herne Hill Tree Watch), Heritage (awarded to @friendsofruskinpark), Community (awarded to @hernehillmfest).  There were so many great nominees of local organisations working for the benefit of the community.  The awards were presented by Helen Heyes MP, in this photo with one of our Trustees Rabi Wilson.

Colin Wight, President and former Chair of the Herne Hill Society explained some of the thinking behind our nomination.

“One of the finest buildings in Herne Hill, it was in need of major repairs when it was closed as a result of local government cuts. Both the closure and subsequent transfer of the reopened building – which now includes a fitness centre – by the local council, were highly contentious. However, despite some local opposition, the resignation of several trustees and delays caused by covid 19, the trust has prevailed, library services have been restored and the building is showing new possibilities as a venue. Essential repairs and cosmetic improvement are now being undertaken and there is now a diverse and hopefully sustainable programme of events, although much work remains to be done.  It has become triumph of perseverance over adversity – congratulations!”