Heritage doors restored to their former glory

The heritage doors into the 3 main rooms off the hallway have now been restored to their original design and are back to opening in both directions.  In Edwardian times the furniture finger plates and foot plates were nickel on brass (chrome was not yet in use) and these were removed for decoration and polished to a high shine!

Thanks again to the true dedication of trustee, Tom Halahan we are getting there;  the hallway has been painted, the tiles deep cleaned and gleaming and the beautiful old, heavy doors have been fully restored with every last detail, right down to the nickel plated brass screws, staying true to its heritage. There is still more work to be done; the windows and floors now need attention, and finally we want to make the hallway as both welcoming and informative with noticeboards and maps and any final flourishes, that might be suggested.

Stay tuned for more announcements and opportunities to get involved in our work to celebrate the history, legacy and future of the Carnegie Library Hub.