Support for our Partners using the Carnegie Library Hub

Our partners are valued and important contributors to the hub, and we love to work with them.  We have a number of community, sole trader & local business partners that organise excellent events for the community at the Carnegie Library Hub.  If you are interested in running regular events, we have an experienced team who can help structure the room arrangements, advise on formats and who can support communication of the events on our website and social media channels.

Communication Support

We like to support our partners to become successful, and this frequently means helping advise on communication.  Our partners frequently have their own graphic design and communication channels, however we will discuss with you your plans around communication and see how we can dovetail this into our communication around the hub.

Our plans for the next year include installing more attractive internal and external notice boards.  We are live with many social media channels, and a weekly newsletter, so will discuss with you how you might feature there.

Additionally, when partners are up and running, we typically would like to take photos where possible to keep up to date and interesting imagery within our beautiful building and help maintain interest.


  • Referencing who and, crucially for our partners clients, where we are is frequently confusing. We are housed within a building the community knows and loves as "Carnegie Library", which is used interchangeably with the actual library inside.

    However we are actually the "Carnegie Library Hub" and we request that electronic and print media reference us as the "Carnegie Library Hub". This is geographically correct, structurally correct, enables us to promote your material effectively on our own managed channels and clearly defines our activity as a hub separate from the local authority service which we do not manage. We love and support the excellently run public service managed by the Lambeth Libraries Service, but we are not them so should not pretend to be!
  • Whilst we are in Herne Hill ward, we are geographically in the middle of many excellent neighbourhoods that we wish to cater for and appeal to. We describe ourselves as "Carnegie Library Hub right in the middle between Brixton, Loughborough Junction, Camberwell, Dulwich & Herne Hill". Please be mindful of our wish to be as inclusive as possible if you do want to cite Herne Hill as a location.
  • You might want to put our postcode which is frequently cited incorrectly. Google maps and google business reference us correctly as SE24 0DG.
  • If you like to support us and the partnership, please concider using our logo in your material. You can choose either a white background, or a transparent background if you have a non-white background colour. We request that you maintain the aspect ratio and do not edit it.

Useful resources