One team, one vision

The Team are all local people who want to develop a community hub that is a welcoming place to be and most of them love the building too (although some grumbles about how the building is beautiful but not always very practical!).  The team are a joy to work with and care about facilitating a varied diary of community and commercial partnerships.  They enjoy working alongside Lambeth’s Library staff and the Gym staff in the basement.

Leah Hargreaves
Centre Manager

Leah lives locally, has worked across private and non-profit organisation, and loves working with community groups.

Geoff Holden
Centre Manager

Geoff has worked in a number of roles, for example as a building manager at St Albans house in Holborn, as well as setting up a Cafe in Brixton.  He loves to fill up the Carnegie diary with a diverse set of clients and is a master of logistical thinking!

Jo Gilmour
Communications and Social Media

Jo has lived in the area for yonks, has had more former jobs than hot dinners, but is now focussing on communications roles in the non-profit sector.  She’s had a lot of success running communications for the excellent Loughborough Junction Platform cafe, and is helping us at the Hub on our communications.

Callum O'keefe

Callum lives locally and frequently helps out at events.